Jock Noble

I have worked in over 30 countries with most time spent in India, Kenya, Indonesia, USA , Australia and Armenia. My current role with World Vision International is to lead a global team of economic development and livelihood specialists. I am based in Manila Philippines. Previously with World Vision Australia I founded and lead the Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Unit (SEED), a team of economic development specialists,to establish and support innovative initiatives in poor communities from Africa to the AsiaJock Noble Garni 2014 Pacific, Senegal to Timor Leste. After that I went on to lead World Visions Economic Development Learning Hub in he Middle East and Eastern Europe with my base in Yerevan Armenia.

I believe the reason people are poor is that they do not have enough money and our challenge is to help instill hope and a genuine sense of self-belief, starting with those of us who somehow work in development.

I was the founder and CEO of Diversity@work Australia Inc, a social enterprise developing innovative models, strategies and educational programs to strengthen companies through diversity and inclusion. I hold a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Masters of Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University in Melbourne, post-graduate studies in Not for Profit Management at  Georgetown University and Negotiation and Conflict Management at Latrobe University Melbourne.  I was the Carey Medal winner for 2007 for exceptional and outstanding service to the community. So it goes

I am also the founder of the famous Yerevan Surf Club, whose heroic motto endures:

                       “If you turn up ready to surf, a wave will find you.”

Yerevan Surf Club

2 Responses to Jock Noble

  1. Allen Goodwin-Hancock says:

    Hi Jock! Was your dad Ian MacMullen Noble? I’m doing some family research, and Ian is connected to my family. He had a son named Jock and I would love to exchange some info if you are the correct person.


  2. Janet McDougall says:

    Hi Jock looking back I am not surprised that you have done such good work.
    Cheers janet

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