Who I am

My work is problem solving in ways that assist people and communities to see the possibilities around them and as a result to be stronger economically and to  live happier and more fulfilled lives.

For the last ten years I have focused on the practical work of local economic development in communities of people who are poor as well as training and support for the staff working in international development.

I was the founder and CEO of Diversity@work Australia Inc, a social enterprise developing innovative models, strategies and educational programs to strengthen companies through diversity and inclusion. Over ten years, Diversity@work became the largest Diversity Consultancy in the world.

I hold a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Masters of Strategic Foresight both from Swinburne University in Melbourne, and post-graduate studies in Not for Profit Management at Washington DC with Georgetown University and Negotiation and Conflict Management at Latrobe University Melbourne.  I was the Carey Medal winner for 2007 for exceptional and outstanding service to the community.